Hoyu is NO.1* for hair color in Japan! *Data source: Intage SRI (Accumulated Japan market share data from Jan. 1996 - Jan. 2018 sales base) Serious coloring, to be the person I truly wish to be! Image of Color Result

BLEACH Base Up Bleach

To prepare a base color for pale coloring#1 For creating a base color for your pale hair color #2 Special Treatment for the Next Color #3 Contains 5 treatment ingredients

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make up color make up color selection of trendy colors

#1 Specialty coloring and duration #2 Accomplishing both coloring and evenness #3 Contains botanical oils (hair protector)

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COLOR SHMAPOO Color Keeper Keep your hair color with shampoo

#1 Keep your hair color with daily shampoo You can rinse out right away There's no need to shampoo twice #2 Great foaming, smooth with no squeaking Use instead of your regular shampoo

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DESIGN COLORCREAM Point Color Cream Arrange your hair casually with point coloring

#1 Perfect Coloring for lightened hair #2 Color cream with the color lasts about a week #3 Treatment type to care your hair

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TONE DOWNCOLOR tone down color Foaming emulsion evenly colors your hair black

#1 Selection of product portfolio #2 Contains botanical oils (hair protector) #3 Unique formula that enables you to enjoy a new color next time

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BLACKCOLOR SPRAY black coloring spray One day type, which can be washed off with shampoo How to use 1Cover your clothes with a cape or towel to avoid them being stained. 2 Strongly shake the can up and down about 10 times. 3 Spray 15cm away from your hair.