tone down color color guide

  • fire redfire red
  • mint greenmint green
  • mango orangemango orange
  • cherry pinkcherry pink
  • light brown
  • natural brown
  • natural black
  • super black

The colors may look differ from the actual ones depending on your monitor settings.*This is not a temporary hair color.(This color will not fade easily even if using shampoo etc.)The color result for very light hair or damaged hair may be too dark.The color result may vary depending on your hair color before coloring,hair damage level, hair type, room temperature and developing time. Please be aware that the color result may be too dark if it is left on for too long.The product is not designed for covering gray hair.

how to use

  • Squeeze out all the content of Tube 1 to Bottle 2.
  • Tighten the cap and shake the bottle 30 times to mix well.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of the mixture to dry hair.
  • Massage hair thoroughly to cover with the foam.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes.
  • After rinsing the mixture and using shampoo and conditioner, dry your hair with a towel, then finish by applying After-Color Serum.*Please be careful so that the mixture and rinse water does not get into your eyes while coloring or rinsing.