Coloring the part you like, as you like!

Point Color Cream





#01COLORS/ Color Variations

Cobalt Purple

Image of Color Result

Fire Red

Image of Color Result

Cherry Pink

Image of Color Result

Turquoise Blue

Image of Color Result

Pastel Ash

Image of Color Result

  • The colors may look differ from the actual ones depending on your monitor settings.
  • This product cannot lighten hair color.
  • The color result and its duration may vary depending on your hair color before coloring, hair type, room temperature and developing time.
  • The color result may be darker if hair has already been permed, colored or damaged.
  • Hair color achieved with this product may remain even after using other coloring or bleach.
  • You can enjoy the color seen on the package for a period of one to two weeks.

#02HOW TO USE/ How to use

How to Use Point Color Cream

STEP See how to use it

Wear gloves and use a cape etc. to avoid staining your clothes.

Take an appropriate amount of the cream in hand and apply it to the part to color.

Leave on for 20 minutes.

Rinse hair thorough­ly, and after sham­pooing twice, use a conditioner etc. and rinse it off.

After drying your hair with a towel which you don’t mind being stained, use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry your hair.